md PlatzmatTM


Setting the table is one of the low-risk tasks that provide engagement. This Platzmat™ allows residents to help with a simple and useful activity, promoting self-esteem and satisfaction. It is a non-slip placemat with high contrast icons of where plates, cup and cutlery should be.


  • Safe for food with a clear visual location for cutlery and crockery
  • Dimensions: 378 x 304 x 1.1 mm 
  • Non-slip, latex-free, flexible, non-porous, germ-free cleanable surface
  • Extremely robust fabric covered with inert silicone, resistant to high temperature (>260°C), odorless, flame retardant, UV-stable, contains no toxics, heavy metals, phenol, phthalates, PVC, PAH, BPA.
  • Washable with general detergents
  • High contrast colors, available in blue, green or red



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