md ArthurTM


Musical teddy bear. Arthur™ combines the great benefits of selected music with sensory and tactile feedback and the commitment to care for and cherish something. This bear is used for people with dementia as well as for children with learning difficulties or autism. Some caregivers try to alleviate anxiety by using soft dolls. These dolls become a part of their lives and caring for them can range from simple engagement to a large part of their daily responsibilities. Doll or cuddle therapy can trigger happy memories of early parenthood and help to bring back the sense of being useful and needed. Playing music from their early years for people with dementia improves their quality of life and mental well-being.

Arthur™ is designed to be easy to use. It is important to put on music that has a special meaning to the user. The volume can be preset. The music has an automatic 'shuffle' mode which ensures that the playlist does not always start at the same place.

Arthur's left leg has a built-in switch. Pressing it will start or stop the music. This is the only control used. The music is programmed to play in random order. Arthur™ has a very tactile fur made of cotton terry, the eyes are embroidered. Arthur has some extra weight around his hips to help him sit up better. 





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