Sleeping bag with restraint straps

The sleeping bag with restraint straps gives the user sufficient freedom of movement and replaces unpleasant restraints. It also prevents exposure and has a preventive effect on hygiene. The zip allows residents to be changed easily while lying in the sleeping bag. Meer info

Abdominal pelvic belt

Belt to prevent people from falling down or falling over in a chair or seat. These are made of a comfortable material. Meer info

Anti-scratch mittens

Scratch mittens to prevent people from scratching, pulling out catheters or taking off incontinence materials. These are made of a comfortable material. Meer info

Positioning cushions

Positioning cushions are used to support parts of the body or the whole body and to place the body in the desired position. Meer info


Bibs to protect clothing when eating, or to absorb moisture loss. Meer info



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