Close-up® : md 30110

Md 30110: Close-up® key with caribiner

Convenient fastener for specially adapted underclothing and night-wear in the care of the elderly and people with special needs.

  • Prevents the wearer from opening the fastener as only the carer has the key.
  • It is a convenient solution to fastening e.g. clothing of people with smearing behaviour.
  • The wearer is not troubled at all by annoying fasteners such as magnetic locks (less risk of pressure points)
  • The fastener has no loose parts and its small size provides less reason for tampering. The fastener is less vulnerable (best to close it before washing)
  • Provides opportunities to locate the fastening less well concealed in the clothing.

Any type of body stocking, pyjamas, nursing blanket,… can be obtained with Close-up® zippers. When ordering, quote ‘CU’ after the type number. E.g.: 31914 A CU



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