md BlysTM


Much more than a lamp or nightlight. Blys™ provides safety, spatial awareness, reduces the chance of falling and fractures without disturbing sleep. Blys™ is a streamlined modern light source designed according  to the specific needs of the elderly. Blys™ can be used as a nightlight or soft bedroom light and keeps essential personal items within reach at night. As a nightlight, it provides a low-level glow without disturbing sleep, but apon awakening, it allows objects such as glasses, a glass of water, ... to be easily visible without turning on the entire lighting. The dimensions of Blys™ are 40/40/2.5 cm. It is spill-proof and has 4 non-slip feet. It is connected to the mains with a universal plug. The power consumption is very low: less than 700 mA at 5 V. The surface does not heat up, even at maximum brightness.  Operation is by means of a simple touch panel along the front. Hand contact on the front panel turns the device on or off, brightness can be controlled by 2 buttons. Blys™ remembers the settings when turned off.




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